Expandable Ads

Expandable online ads from Digital Throttle allow you to present your products and promotions in a more dynamic and modern fashion. Expandable ads do as their name describes: Expand. When the user clicks on the ad it opens to a larger size, enabling more engaging and high-impact graphics. And since the user has manually activated the ad, you’re even allowed to start videos automatically with the sound on.

Our expandable ads are seen on any device – including iOS mobile phones and tablets, such as the Apple iPad and iPhone. Take a look at this page on your iPad or other mobile device to see how engaging the ads are!

Other Features

  • Ad opens over the site’s content
  • We build these ads for you using your supplied graphics, videos and icons.
  • Ads are “smart” and know whether to open up or down/left or right based on where the ad appears on the page.
  • We measure all the ad’s interaction, just as you would a website. So we’re able to report how many people open the ad, how long they keep the ad open, and any clicks you use. We’re also able to measure how many videos are viewed and for how long.
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